What is Obrerofiel | Obrero Fiel

"Obrero" and "Fiel" are two Spanish words which mean "Faithful Laborer"

When the words are combined together, they form the name of the Online Spanish Training Hub of Avant Ministries. We use internet technology to provide resources and services to millions of Spanish speaking believers and church leaders around the world each year.

Our mission is to...

provide resources, tools and services that are biblical and relevant to enhance the spiritual formation and ministry of Spanish speaking pastors and missionaries serving around the world.

We fulfill our mission through 4 major ministry thrusts:

1. Reach We partner with other organizations (Global Media Outreach and GotQuestions) to provide encouragement to contacts that have made professions of faith in Christ and have asked for help in growing spiritually. We provide personalized follow-up to the tens of thousands of people each year through our network of volunteer online counselors.

2. Teach We offer online non-formal education for Spanish speaking believers in our Online School of Discipleship. We are preparing and anxious to launch our Online School of Bible and Theology for believers who want to further their study of God's word but are not able to attend a "brick and mortar" seminary. We hope to launch our Online School of Leadership Development to provide encouragement to Spanish speaking pastors and missionaries that are already serving the Lord around the world.

3. Equip Our principal website, ObreroFiel.com, offers over 8,000 ministry materials for free download. These resources provide a online "wall of truth" that enables Spanish speakers to grow personally in their walk with the Lord and gives them printable resources and helps for ministry.

4. Encourage We receive hundreds of requests for prayer and counsel by Spanish speakers every month. Our staff responds personally to every request and provides encouragement for pastors and missionaries serving all over the world.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at: info@obrerofiel.com